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Hydronic D16 - {54,630 BTU/hr}

Espar's Hydronic 16 Coolant Heater is typically used for the Large Coaches, Boats and Off-Road Engines. These heaters provide engine, fuel and hydraulic preheat and can be incorporated into a coaches heating system to provide supplemental heat. The first choice for those who require rapid heating when operating in "Arctic-like" climates. These heaters are available only in the 24v version only.
Features and Benefits include:
  • No electrical plug-ins
  • Easy start up of equipment
  • Self-Diagnostics
  • Supplemental cabin heat

  • Heat Output
    Fuel Consumption
    Gal/hr (L/hr)
    Electrical Consumption
    12V model shown
    55,000 (16) Diesel 1, 2 or Kerosene
    0.48 (1.8)
    2.1 amps
    Water Throughput Weight Dimensions
    1320 US gal/hr (5000L/hr) 40 lbs. (18 kg)) L= 60 cm (24")
    W= 23 cm (9")
    H= 22 cm (8.8")

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