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Espar Coolant Heaters have heat outputs that range from 5,500 BTU to 120,000 BTU, come in 12 or 24 Volt models and can run on Gasoline (B) or Diesel (D) fuel.

Applications range from engine preheating to supplemental heating. These Coolant Heating systems are compact with all heat creation, fan distribution and plumbing neatly packaged within the unit. The heaters have from two to four heat levels and cycle between these levels to maintain a constant coolant temperature called for by the control unit.

When heat is called for by the switch or timer, a control unit signals the units integrated coolant pump to start circulating the coolant. Simultaneously a blower motor draws combustion air into the heaters ignition chamber and fuel is drawn into the chamber by the heater's fuel pump and mixed with the air. Fuel is typically drawn in from the existing fuel tank.

An ignition plug ignites the fuel-air mixture and a controlled flame is established inside the sealed heat exchanger; combustion gasses pass safely through the exhaust and into the atmosphere.

The integrated Coolant pump continues to circulate the coolant over the heat exchanger and throughout the engine's plumbing system. Flame sensors, temperature regulators and overheat sensors are among the safety features which make these Coolant Heaters safe and dependable heating systems.

Hydronic D4

Hydronic D5

Hydronic D10

Hydronic D16

Hydronic 24/30/35

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