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Espar's Total Comfort Solution

Espar, the North American subsidiary for Eberspächer, is proud to introduce their NEW "Total Comfort System". Espar is the manufacturer of auxiliary independent heating systems. These heaters provide bunk heat and engine preheat to the truck, bus, automotive, off-road and marine markets. In order to provide comfort all year long, without idling, Espar has sourced out two Air Conditioning systems that compliments their line of heaters and have created the

"Total Comfort System" for heating and cooling.

These two lines of independent, electrically driven Air Conditioning systems are the "Bergstrom NITE System", an under the bunk mounted system that has a 3,000 BTU/hr output; and the "DC Airco System", a rooftop mounted system that has a 9,000 BTU/hr output. These electrically driven systems do not utilize any of the on board fuel, nor do they need any outside engines to power them, unlike their alternatives, the Auxiliary Power Units or the Generator Sets.

Each Air Conditioning unit, paired with Espar's "First Class" AIRTRONIC 2 heating system provides the perfect solution for total comfort all year long. The AIRTRONIC diesel-fired bunk heater is a small, efficient, quiet and safe auxiliary heating system. It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and weighs only 6 lbs. Its compact size allows it to be installed practically anywhere in the vehicle, minimizing exposure to already confined spaces of Class 8 trucks. The electrical consumption is 2-3 times less than existing systems.

Espar can now provide everything a Fleet or Owner Operator needs to relax in comfort without idling the engine. These comfort units are engineered and designed for years of extended overnight stops.

Benefits of the "Total Comfort System":

  • Increased fuel savings all year long.

  • Reduced maintenance costs and increased life of the engine from reduced idling.

  • Complies with anti-idle laws, improving industry image.

  • Reduced air pollution through the elimination of idling, promotes a cleaner environment through the reduction of green house gases.

  • Quiet operation leads to increased driver attention and comfort, creating safer highways.

  • Easy to install and does not interfere with OEM systems or warranties.

  • Easy to service with very low operating costs.

  • Easy operation and designed to cycle on and off.

    Bergstrom NITE System

    DC Airco System

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